Your First Apartment

After moving in and living in my brand new apartment for the past 5 days, I have definitely learned some new things (the hard way). Here are 5 things that were completely weird firsts for me. From my rough first hand experience to you!

  1. Not all houses and apartments are built the same. Sometimes you get one with the smoke detector on the opposite end of the kitchen, sometimes you get one with the smoke detector inside of the kitchen and sometimes you wake up your roommate at 8 am because you got carried away making breakfast…
  2. You wake up in the morning no longer concerned about your plans for the day or what to wear. Your first thoughts change to “what do I make for breakfast?” and “do I make coffee before breakfast?” and trust me, the answer to the latter one is always YES.
  3. And yes, you might stay up until 1 am the first night you’re in the apartment about in tears on your bathroom floor because you just cannot figure out how to assemble your shampoo holder. P.S. ask your roommate for help because mine didn’t even cry putting it together (unlike me).
  4. Another fun fact for your first night in your new place, you might avoid going to bed or showering or basically doing anything because it doesn’t feel like home. But trust me, after a few days, you will be just as comfortable there as anywhere else.
  5. Finally, as much as I hated all the adults in my life laughing at me saying that I will have to “adult” and not have my mommy do everything for me, it’s 100% true (obviously). You have to remember to do the dishes, take the trash out, brush your teeth, cook meals, make your bed, clean the apartment. The list never ends!!

Don’t worry though, every little thing that goes wrong in the process of moving into your own space is something that you can look back on and laugh about. Hopefully one day I can tell my grandkids not to worry about burning the first meal they cook alone because I did it too and it’s honestly, a little hilarious to watch your roommate panic because the smoke alarm is going off.

My honest advice though, is enjoy messing up while you can♥


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