Help! It’s Moving Season

It’s all fun and games talking about moving into your first apartment until you actually have to start doing it. I am three weeks away from moving into my *beautiful* apartment but holy heck is it a lot to deal with sometimes.

So, after what seemed like a whole year of searching and a lifetime of waiting, my best friends and I have signed the lease to our new and first apartment. We were freaking ecstatic.

And then..

I went to see the actual apartment we would be living in and realized we needed literally everything to survive. We were starting from scratch, talk about a rough realization. Suddenly, our group text wasn’t full of making weekend plans it was full of…

“Who has plates?” “Does anyone have a couch? or spoons?” “How do we pay for electricity?”  “Do we reaaaaally need cable? I don’t wanna pay for that too.”

(side note — cable is way overrated)

As crazy and overwhelming as filling an empty apartment was and still is, it’s a whole other level of excitement. Starting from scratch is pretty therapeutic to be honest, here is this place that doesn’t have any bad memories, here is this place where I can finally decorate my room 100% my own, here is this place that I can watch my best friends decorate their rooms 100% their own. We get to watch each other attempt to be adults for the first time and what’s more fun than watching each other fail at making dinner or doing something stupid without having to call their mom or their RA?

Here’s to starting over in a new place with good friends♥



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