How to Survive Summer at Home

Summer usually doesn’t turn out to be the constant beach party that we thought it would be when we were daydreaming instead of studying for finals.

The problem with that daydream starts with the fact that most of us lose touch with friends at home while we’re away at college and our college friends don’t live in our hometown. Not to even mention that responsibilities don’t just melt away after the semester ends, we have jobs now instead of class. So basically, we are still stressed out, broke college kids with less friends.

So what do you do when your summer is a little more lonely and a bit more stressful than you bargained for? You find yourself that’s what you do. Now is the time to try out yoga, hiking, reading, writing you’ve been considering doing all year. Summer to yourself doesn’t have to be sad and lonely.

Sure, we might be alone more than we are used to at college but finding a side of yourself that you hadn’t met before is just as cool as meeting new friends — maybe even cooler.

Instead of reminding ourselves that we’re living with our parents again with no friends, start doing things that you want — things that you’ve never done, things that your friends didn’t want to do with you.

On top of taking new risks, reflect on the last year at university, I’m sure we all have regrets. Find those regrets and channel them to make a better you. Didn’t work out enough during the year? Work out now. Regret going through a friend break-up? Make up with them now. Summer really shouldn’t all be about partying and tanning as fantastic as those are. Take time to find yourself and create the you that you wanted to be before college stressed you out. ♥♥


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