A Bone to Pick

Now, don’t get me wrong I love where I go to school but frankly, I have grown tired of a few things. At a university where the whole population seems to be a part of the Greek system, a girl like me is pretty much an outcast. While I actually have quite a few bones to pick with the Greek system, today I want to focus on only one and that is what happens when I answer the question,

“What house are you in?”

Those of you who know me know that the answer to that is none. I purposefully made that decision after practically a lifetime of contemplation. Nevertheless, when I answer that I am not in a house, everyone at my university seem to end the conversation right there. Why is it that no matter the situation, be it in class or at social events, I am deemed not worthy of associating with because I did not rush? Let’s paint a picture here, I sit down in my Math 106 class. I sit next to a girl who seems nice enough to work with for the semester. And not to my surprise, she asks this very question. It’s the first thing out of her mouth other than asking my name. I answer and then she doesn’t say another word to me. This seems like such a small instance but after this happening over and over, it started to get to me.

There’s even a term for people like me. I’m a “GEED” or a “god damned independent”. Now, I’ve heard this term used in many situations and trust me, it’s hardly an endearing one. “Your geed friends are here again” is not something I want my friends to be told — it isn’t exactly saying “I just saw your friends and it was great!”

My bone to pick here is that I don’t feel welcome talking to the majority of my campus because I feel as though they can’t see passed my decision to not join a sorority. I may be wrong and not every member of the Greek system is like this but my personal experience tells me that so many people think less of me because of this one decision. When I say that I choose not to, I get bombarded with questions. “Why not?” “When are you going to join?” “You know you’d like it?” I understand promoting Greek life but there is a line when it is condescending to the people who choose not to partake. I shouldn’t feel as though I need to prove myself to everyone I meet just because I chose a different path — and yet I do. It’s almost like I am an immediate second class citizen and I have to come up with some lame excuse as to why I am not in a house to redeem myself.

And that is ridiculous. I am not anti-Greek life. I am pro-supporting what makes people happy.

So next time someone says they’re not in a house, don’t give up on them.


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